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Lisa Furukawa's Pearl Diver CD
This Moment is The Show

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This tee shirt uses the CD image design for Reaching the Dragon. It was designed by Jason Martin from Artplaymix.

$25 each plus shipping. 

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Ancestral Spirit from Signal
Birdcage Lanterns from Signal

Ikiru from Reaching the Dragon

Kabuki from Reaching the Dragon:

A fan made this AMV (Animated Music Video) to Lisa's song "Kabuki"
"Pearl Diver" from the album Pearl Diver

Another fan made this AMV. 
Sirens, featuring the lovely artwork by Paulina Cassidy featuring Lisa's song Chiisana Tamashii from Pearl Diver can be found 
HERE at Paulina's myspace site
Paulina graciously painted the picture which became the cover of Lisa's Pearl Diver album.

Lisa played the Tao Song (from This Moment is the Show) at the Ai Japan fundraiser for tsunami relief/Japanese red cross in the spring of 2011. 
This Moment is the Show was Lisa's first album release on the Yume label. Many of these songs were written when Lisa was still a teenager. It was also recorded in a day at Coffeehouse Studios and Mixed and Mastered that same night. "This Moment is the Show" has several meanings for this album release. She hopes to revisit some of these songs in a new album soon since they have evolved quite a bit over the years.

Below is a beautiful AMV that one of Lisa's fans made setting her song "This Vibrancy" from This Moment is the Show to scenes from Memoirs of a Geisha.